press release:

In his current multimedia project Rudolph creates a stylistic fusion that can be referred to as Neon-Baroque – a fascinating symbiosis of 17th century frescoes paired with the bright digital effects of the VR program Google TiltBrush. This program allows the artist to use his own hands to paint three-dimensionally in virtual reality, then he introduces these paintings into a space of augmented reality. Experienced with an iPad or a HoloLens headset, these immaterial works float as Holograms through the exhibition space of the gallery interacting with Rudolph's oil paintings.

The final artwork is an immersive multi-sensory experience, combining oil paintings, augmented reality and music resulting in a Wagner-meets-Hollywood Gesamtkunstwerk. But in contrast to the perfect illusions of Hollywood, Rudolph's work allows glitches and cracks in the performance giving us an idea of the fragility of our own construction of reality.

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Upstream Gallery, 2018


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Messengers_Of_The_Ai_11, 2019, oil on canvas, 40x50cm, courtesy Upstream Gallery and the artist.